A Million Voices:::::::::::::A Different Perspective (Intro)

We all have something to say and we all want to be heard. No one truly understands what you have been through. No one can really comprehend what your life is like except you. But I can try.  I can try because I understand me. I have my own stories to tell. It’s not like yours. It’s not better. It’s not worse. Its just mine. I hope that you can relate and learn from it because there is a million stories out there but this is my perspective. I have seen the signs, I have seen the writings on the wall. Its time for you to come out from the shadows and let your voice be heard.  

Love, Hate, Pain and Happiness, We will discuss it all. Likes, Dislikes, Regrets, we will break it down. Welcome to Writings on a Wall.  



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