Can I ask you a question?
From whom did your life originate?
Who is the co-author of your beginnings?
Who pampers yet scolds?
Who loves yet disciplines?
Who in one minute, a roaring lion, and in the next, a meek, soft lamb?
Who refuses to give credit to you behind camera yet praises you on scene?
Who carried you in your early years even after transition from four to two?
Who is He?

He is the one entitled to the Kings Share Yet shares the spoils with you.
He’s the one who suffers that you might enjoy.
He’s the architect you can’t deny privileges,
He’s a source and a direction.
He’s a pillar and a motivation,
He’s the guardian of your future.
He’s the ultimate picture you once could see and now the benchmark you want to please

Celebrate Him,
He duly deserves your love.
He loves you for free
Happy Father’s Day
Describe your dad in one phrase.

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