The Start of Summer: The Season of Suns

In Greek mythology, Icarus, son of Daedalus, had wings glued with wax, a clear warning and a tragic fall. Yes, Summer is finally here but it came with a vengeance, a burning sensation and something more. This might be the hottest summer yet.  

Summer is clearly defined by the regular appearance of the scorching sun. In some countries, the sun is a god and in others, a source of life. In UK, the blacks have lost their cool and the whites were not prepared. Chairs are charging up, shirts are taking off, fans are running low and humans are falling down. The Super-Star is angry. But there are whispers of a bright light at the end of the tunnel and glimpses of  a sunny shore beneath the heat. There are stories of a great clan basking before the fiery deity and begging for mercy. Perhaps the rumors are true. There may be a haven out there that is crucial for survival. The weather is so hot that people are still saying “Winter is here”. But it’s not all bad. Summer is also the end of  school and the start of holidays. It is a source of light and a vitamin D. It is a chance to work out, hang out and study up.

So go outside, bathe in the sun, embrace the warmth, sip something cold and let the sun illuminate your path because unlike Icarus who flew too close the sun, we are approximately 150 million Kilometers away and for now, we can survive its rage.


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