JULY: A New Month, A New Dawn


Exciting, Isn’t It?  July is here,

We are halfway through the year,

Oh Rejoice! and Rejoice! 

Behold! a new dawn arises,

And it’s starting today,

All the birthdays to come and the celebrations we share,

Oh an Independence too! July 4th is near.


To some, Today, is the same each day,

The monsters they face recognizes no holidays, 

A Beast approaches from day to day,

A new dawn? Oh Prepare!  Prepare to slay! 


To some, Today, is different each year,

A chance to grow, reflect and repair,

The glasses are out, the lotions are free,

31 days to lie to friends on the beach somewhere.


To some, Today, is their story to tell, 

Enjoy! Despair! Do whatever you like,

A Pawn, I am, with something to say,

July, July, the seventh month is here.


Happy New Month.


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