FEAR: Enough is Enough

Once upon a time in ancient history, Greek mythologists believed in the existence of a god called Phobos, the god of fear, the son of Ares. 

As myths have it, Phobos could single handedly cause an emotion to rise up within a man using certain natural and supernatural elements. He could cause people to tremble in their lack of understanding. 

Atychiphobia- Fear of failure, Acrophobia-Fear of heights, Arachnophobia – Fear of spiders, Phobophobia – Fear of fear. In this modern day, when I tune in to watch the news, the terror alone, traumatophobia (fear of war), I take a walk, thanatophobia (fear of death), I open my laptop to watch a movie; there it is again, sanguivoriphobia and lupophobia (fear of vampires and wolves), it never seems to end.

One night on my way home with two of my friends after an exhausting day of drinking and fun, we decide to take a shortcut through the town cemetery. The gates of the cemetery were locked. But that would not stop us. We rolled through the space underneath and began our journey through the dark kingdom. 

Halfway through, we stopped to ease ourselves. We stood side by side, with me in the middle, ready to unleash rain like three drunk wise men. Suddenly, In the cold, quiet night, we heard a sound which could either be that of a twig breaking or some bones cracking. We hear the noise again and this time, there were footsteps walking towards us. I quickly brought out my phone, tapped on the torchlight app and pointed it towards the noise. Behold! There was no one there. A cold chill went down my spine and everything ceased in that moment and drought came upon the city. I kept pointing the light, I could see nothing but the footsteps were getting closer. In that very moment, one single word came to mind, “Run” 

I turn to my left to signal my friends to run too but there was no one there. I pointed the torchlight to the right and there was no one there either. I quickly took to my heels like an athlete running a marathon. Suddenly, I felt the wind gush on both my sides. I looked ahead immediately and saw two dark beings flying over the locked gate. I only ran faster. I remembered that I could not fly or even jump a rope laying on the floor. As I reached the gate, I swiftly slid under it and rolled to freedom.

Minutes went by and finally I could see my friends cheering me on to complete the race. 
After crossing the finish line and catching my breath, I stood upright and we all burst into laughter,

“Your fly is open” I said to them 
“Yours too” They replied

We continued laughing and began to recant what really happened from all perspectives. I started telling them how I brought out…

“Oh No!” I shouted

My friends were ready to run when they asked,

“What happened?”

“My Phone! It’s must have fallen in the graveyard”. I continued 

My two friends stared at me to see what I was thinking. I could feel the goosebumps on my skin as I made my decision.

“We have to go back” I whispered

In our lives today, “We are so afraid of so many fears that we did not realise that everyone else is scared too” 

Therefore I urge you, say “Enough is Enough”. Try something new today or are you still scared? (Neophobia)

What Fear would you conquer from today?




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