FEAR: Enough is Enough 2


I had to go back to hell but I sure wasn’t going to go alone. Even though my friends insisted that I forget about it, I knew I couldn’t let go of my phone; my phone is my life. So I had to somehow convince them to escort me back to the cemetery.

“What if it was your phone?” I whispered

My friend, Jack, slowly looked away like he couldn’t hear me and Lucas just kept staring at me.

I tried pushing them from behind but it seemed like their feet were glued to the ground. I even tried dragging them by their hands but they did not move an inch.

“Come on guys, Man up!”

Suddenly, the road got brighter and that’s when I remembered that we were standing in the middle of the cold lonely road. I could now see Lucas pointing at me. His body looked stiff and you could see the fear in his eyes.

“Has he been pointing at me this whole time?”

I moved away from the direction of his finger and thats when I saw it. A torchlight hanging in the air and slowly floating towards us.

This time we did not think twice. We ran like confused people back towards the cemetery. When we got to the gate of the cemetery, we noticed that the torch had followed us in the race. In that very moment, my heart crawled up my throat.
As I was crawling back under the gate into the graveyard, that’s when it hit me; my phone must have fallen down the last time I rolled under it. I swept my hand through the rough ground to find my phone. Suddenly, my hand stumbled on a rather small object that was breathing which later turned out to be a rat.

“Lucas please turn on your torch and point it in my direction”

Almost immediately, I saw my phone. I picked it up and rolled out to inner side of the cemetery.

“Oh thank you Lucas”

I stood up, dusted myself and tried to show Lucas the phone and that’s when I realised that my friends were no where around. They had already leapt over the fence once again and ran into the cemetery. Apparently, I was conversing with a ghost. I was so afraid that i could now taste my heart. I was suddenly cold and had goose bumps the size of seeds.

Just then I heard a loud cry of pain. I turned on my torch app and I rushed to the scene recognizing the voices was familiar. As I approached them, they began to run.

I chased after them until I managed to convince them during the chase that I was their friend and not a ghost. When they finally stopped, we all took a deep breadth.
We decided to go home through the normal route. We’ve had enough for one night.

We were on our merry way home like three musketeers after a mission when suddenly we felt a presence behind us. We all stood still like frozen mannequins. I was cold all of a sudden, I could sense jack sweating profusely and who knows, Lucas must have peed himself.

I quickly turned around and pointed the flashlight at the ghost like an avenger and that’s when I saw the uniform before my phone switched off. It was a security guard all along.

“Brethren, Fear not the righteous path, For the unknown is only scary at first”

The End.




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