The Writings of a Loner

It’s times like these that I feel alone
No friends to call
No lovers to hold
Most time spent Indoors
These Phones must go

Oh yes! an invite for me?
Oh no! It’s from Facebook again
I’m surrounded by people
Yet comfortable alone

I have so much to say
But like always, I’m afraid
Alone, Sad, Delighted and Ashamed

I see a girl that I like,
See something! Say Something!
I meet the girl that I like,
Say something! Say something?

It’s moments like these that separates us from the world,
At some point in life, you have felt lonely before
Whether by choice or not or a Kingdom that bore,
You are alone today, a Lone wolf tomorrow

Hi, Hello, I’m a Loner for now
It’s nice to meet you, right here, online.




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