Déjà vu: Dream About Your Future

We all have those moments where we live in the present and yet for a few seconds, experience the past. Déjà vu – a french phrase meaning “Already seen”. Therefore, we feel that we have already lived it. But what if we are wrong. What if we are actually living in the moment and dreaming of the future. For you to fully understand, I need to tell you a story. But there are three things you need to remember. The time is “7:15 pm”, “the plot thickens” and the answer is “No”.

You know how you meet someone for the first time and yet you feel like you already know them. You feel like you have met them somewhere before but you can’t seem to remember where and how. It happens to me too. However, If you do remember them easily, then it’s probably your cousin.

For the first time in my life, I got a temporary job. And lately, everyday I go to work with a smile on my face and come back with butterflies in my stomach. I am always nervous because every morning I get to the office, I see an angel working opposite me. She is as beautiful as one can be and brilliant in every single way. Instantly, I knew I liked her and in my head, I know she liked me too.

We stare at each other every chance we got. But I never rushed to say hi maybe because I was terrified from last time or just being shy. So on the last evening of work, everyone was in the small office, talking, exchanging contact numbers and giving out hugs. A close friend of mine, mike , was telling a ridiculous story about dragons in world war 3 to another girl behind me.

I looked at him and smiled and then looked up at the clock above him.

Yes! 7:15 pm” I whispered.

The job was officially over. This was my chance to say something. Luckily she was standing alone, so I walked up to her and said,

Hi, I’m Martini, Have coffee with me

Just then, the entire room felt quiet. I could only hear my friend, mike, still talking:

….So It turns out that the dragon had a tattoo of a dragon” 

The girl he was talking to gasped and then replied: “wow! and the plot thickens“. 

And that’s when it hit me. I have heard all these before; It all sounds too familiar. But how could I have? I have never worked a day in my life. But it doesn’t really matter now because somehow I know that the next word coming out of her lips would be “No!“.

Just like I thought, she replied, “No, sorry“.

Immediately, I got lost in my own head. I brought out my imaginary memoir and started typing, “Yet another rejection, maybe my theory was right, maybe Love is truly a Pyramid of Tears” But then something strange happened, her lips continued to move. I tuned back in to reality immediately to hear her say,

“…..because I’m exhausted today, maybe we can grab dinner tomorrow”.

My world collapsed for a moment. With a smile I asked, “What time should I pick you up?” With a smile she replied, 7.15 pm”

That was two years ago.

Dear readers, tell me about your Déjà vu moment.


Final Chapter: Déjà vu: Transcend your Past


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11 thoughts on “Déjà vu: Dream About Your Future

  1. Bennyblasco says:

    Wow! You just totally changed my ideology of Déjà vu. It could be a glimps of the future.

    I felt like I was the one in the story. The outline of the story was even like a Déjà vu as you told us the things to note before you started.

    I like how you brought your previous write up, “A pyramid of tears” into this one. It all feels like there is more to come.

    Great one!

    Liked by 1 person

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