Puppets and Strings: No Strings Attached

Hundreds of People walking around in the streets of your city with one question in mind and here I was staring at the middle of mine thinking to myself:

“Are you a Puppet or a String?”

It was a rainy evening here in London. I looked down to the street from the warm embrace of my glass window and I could see people running for shelter as the rain poured angrily from above. Thousands of People with hundreds of umbrellas. But there was one in particular that caught my very eye. A girl standing outside a restaurant with one hand holding her umbrella over her head and the other in the left pocket of her brown furry coat. She was waiting for something. I was really bored and so Just like Geppetto named his boy, Pinocchio once upon a time, I too decided to name this stranger, “Skyre” because she stands out in a crowd.

Suddenly the wind began brewing and her umbrella aggressively woke up from its slumber. It started pulling away from her hand. Then it graduated to running as she chased after it. It flew backwards and then forwards. She ran forward and then backwards.

Here I was again staring at a wrestling match between a girl and her umbrella. I could see her losing and I wish I could run down to help her but I could not risk leaving my hot chocolate alone and besides, I was on the fourth floor of a very tall building.

She finally caught the umbrella but the wind only grew stronger. After a while, the bright orange umbrella eventually gained its freedom just like many others and flew to the sky. Several colored umbrellas hanging in the air; It was a beautiful sight to behold.

Fortunately, her umbrella flew by my window. I put down my cup and immediately stretched out my hand through the window and grabbed the umbrella steadily. She looked up at me and waved. I took one more sip from my chocolate and then flew downstairs to give her the umbrella.

“Hi, I’m Martini” I quivered

“Hi, I’m Sarah” She shivered

I invited her in and she accepted. I made her a fresh cup of hot chocolate and gave her my favorite blanket. We sat by the window and we just talked for hours. Then I started telling her my thoughts on puppets and strings.

“Wait! Wait! Wait! If you are the Puppet and the umbrella is the…. string, then who is the master?” She asked

“Emotions” I replied

“Our Emotions are like the Wind. It Pulls on your heart strings and pushes us towards our desires. I continued.

She just looked at me as I rambled. 

So are you being controlled or are you being used to control others? Are you a Puppet or a String?” I asked her

“Unfortunately, I am a Puppet but there are no strings attached to me and this simply means that I am alive and therefore I can decide my own actions” She answered.

“What a wonderful answer” I replied as I clapped thrice slowly.

I looked at her in amazement. She looked away in excitement. After all this time, I think I have finally found someone who thinks critically like I do but why do I feel like this have happened before?

So dear readers, there are people who also understand this phenomenon of puppets and strings and that’s why they are in more control of their lives and even more successful than others. They know how to rightfully manipulate every situation to their advantage. So next time you are staring at the double ticked lines on the text you sent your crush on whatsapp and waiting for it to turn from grey to blue and then waiting for them to respond , remember this:

Emotions are beautiful just like colorful Umbrellas in the sky. Yes, they can be cryptic just like Writings on a wall and yes, they make you feel powerless just like Puppets on a string. Regardless! Fear not because a Puppet with a beating heart is like a Master of Strings.


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