The Balance of Life: A Style of Living

Life is tough – a phrase you only truly understand through experience.

Balance implies that there are two or more weights of the world on your shoulders. It could be your job and school, or love and family or something else. We struggle to find a balance in our lives each day but Is it actually possible?

There are those who believe that there is no balance in life. A perspective that I do not agree with but I can fully comprehend. “Finding a balance is like being perfect. It is as unrealistic as an ideal transformer” Ben, a writer, exclaims.

There are others who simply believe that your approach to life could affect other areas of your well being such as friendships, relationships, etc. Phransis, a writer explains, “Thinking about this reminds me of a friend who always thinks so little of himself that somehow it eventually led to a poor physical hygiene. Balance in life may not be attainable but if was, It’s a campaign not an election night”

Personally, I still try to do it all. I try to always make it work and find a balance in everything that I do in life but sometimes I can’t seem to decide which is more important and for a brief moment, I fall into a zombie state where I end up doing nothing but eat.

So does that mean People should stop trying at all? Do we just focus on one aspect of our life and shun the others? In the beautiful words of Ben, “Nah! Trying is the best part”

Dear readers, Would you choose a job with little or no pay that has the potential to be great or one simply 10 miles away but pays really well?


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