Invisible Perspective: (Exclusive)

The Other Sides of Beauty:

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Yes, we can see it and we appreciate it. But how do you define Beauty?  

Beauty is relative. I describe it mainly by my feelings at that moment but after careful observation, I noticed that using the right word is critical.  My Perception of beauty is defined by Five keywords.

1. Fine: This is the most popular and sincere way of classifying beauty.
2. Gorgeous: A higher rank of fine. This is Beauty with “Class”.
3. Cute: Picture a baby! Human or Otherwise.
4. Pretty: This is “cute” all grown up.
5. Hot: Exceptional and wonderful figure.

The word “Fine” imposes a simple question that requires one of two answers. Yes or No. A Good-looking girl or guy is fine but a good-looking person shabbily dressed cannot be gorgeous. A young girl is cute but when she grows up, she becomes pretty. Hotness implies a fit physique or body. You can be hot without being fine.

There are many other sides to beauty and you may not see my perspective but you can definitely acknowledge its existence. Be it Paintings or art, a People or culture, Pictures or designs, whenever you see beauty, gaze upon it and take it all in because Everything is beautiful through the eyes of the right beholder. 

So how do you define beauty?



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  1. I found your break down amusing (in a good way), so where would “beautiful and attractive” fit in. Maybe under “Fine?” And how about “sporty/athletic” category? There are some people who definitely fall under that category! Thanks, this was a fun post. I agree with you, if we want to, we can find beauty ALL around us (trees, birds, butterfiles, ocean, buildings, etc.).

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