Training: Love Potion (Part 1)

Spices, mushrooms and a box of hot sauce, Please make this man green like the rest of us.

Every relationship somehow starts gloriously and ends sadly which unfortunately makes for a good love story. In my mind, I have been in many and therefore I have many stories to tell. You see Love is green and so is Jealousy. Love is green and today so was I.

It was a beautiful afternoon here in London. Too beautiful that it was almost unusual. I am traveling to Brighton Pier today by rail but I decided to stop at a restaurant to get some food first. As I walked towards the door of the restaurant, lo and behold I saw her walking out, Christina Yates, The One that got away. I recognized her instantly but I don’t think she did, me. I gently bumped into her and then she turned only to see it was me.

“Hey! You! It’s been a really long time” She said as we hugged

“You look stunning even more now” I replied

“You don’t look so bad yourself”

We continued talking as we moved away from the door. We talked for what felt like hours but so much so that all an outsider would see were smiles, gentle touches and giggles and they would quietly conclude that we were new lovers.

Amidst our intense discussion, a guy walks up to her side from behind and lovingly wrapped his hand around her neck. I was about to defend her honor when she slowly looked up at him and then put hers around his waist and said:

“Martini, this is Jack, I love him”

I couldn’t stop blinking. Two decades of conflicting emotions and yet for the first time in my lifetime, I felt a new one. A cross between anger and sadness; perhaps both occurring simultaneously.

I reached to shake his hand as she continued introducing us. Like a man under a spell, I showcased a foolish smile as I had already conjured up a thousand ways to destroy the innocent boyfriend. At this point, all a stranger would see was a cute couple and a guy who’s about to explode from eating green peppers.

“Babe, You have to start going, your train leaves in 15 minutes” said the man-candy

“Oh so he speaks” I whispered

“I didn’t get that, what did you say?” She asked.

I said “Oh you should leave”

“Okay, we’ll catch up sometime soon” She said as they both leave.

I walked into the restaurant, I ordered several cups of sparkling water as I tried to understand why I acted so out of character. But something else felt wrong. I brought out my phone from my pocket and went straight to a particular social media. I started scrolling through her profile like sandpaper on wood. And suddenly there it was,

“Congratulations to my brother…Jack…on his graduation”

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I will continue the investigation later when I get to my destination. I paid my tab and left for the station. The train was about to leave when I ran into it as the coach doors closed behind me. I sat down and grabbed the newspaper to my right. You will never guess who I saw seating five seats away with a book glued to her face.

To be continued…




12 thoughts on “Training: Love Potion (Part 1)

  1. kedawithani says:

    Lol, did you recover from your hybrid emotion of anger and sadness after you realised there was a glimmer of hope? Or possibly an explanation; maybe Jack was really her brother? Be that as it may, Jack her boyfriend could very well be her brother’s namesake, lol. Oh I don’t want to miss part two!


  2. Martini Zurich says:

    Lol, So many questions. Stay tuned. But as a tip, I recommend you read my De ja vu articles, part 1 & 2, so you will not be lost. If you are really devoted, you can start from love: a pyramid of tear, i’m writing a series of interwoven stories.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. *takenofake* says:

    I clearly will 🙂

    But I’ll give it a little time, as I am to my real life story. I like mystery and wouldn’t like to find out the end just yet. I find the thrill attractive, thus I love taking it step by step 🙂

    But rest assured that you will hear from me 😉 Keep up the great work!

    Hope you may have the curiousity to check my posts as well. I’m about to publish a new one 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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