Truth: The Line in the Sand

A Straight-Meeting with truth

We all get hit by this question, a question whose answer still evades the minds of scholars and makes all judgment questionable, “What is Truth?”

As simple as this seems, it cuts across the globe as a universal argument. Many believe ‘truth’ is the opposite of ‘falsehood’ while others would prefer to believe there is a deeper meaning to it. Think about this, some historical events and even those that occurred not so long ago that have left the world with age long scars all began with a thought; a belief; an idea which was an issue between several parties and where every side presumed their opinion to be THE TRUTH. This almost always leads to an argument, then a final decision that results in a negative blow on the affairs of people, families, towns, cities, countries etc. In order to be on the safe side, men of great wisdom have defined truth to be subjective. It is based on the belief of the individual on the “hot seat”. This means that what Mr A believes to be true is the “truth” for him and it might not be so for Mr B. This implies that truth isn’t the opposite of falsehood, if not there would be a clear line that serves as a reference. We would rather visualize this phenomenon like a line drawn on sand, which can be erased and redrawn, So what then is truth?

Dear reader, What is your truth?



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