Train-ing II: Love In Motion

Jealousy is not a great color on me but if I wore my emotions, I would be green at least once this week.

Have you ever been surrounded by greens? They are so beautiful because they move. No camera in the world can truly capture it’s essence. Love in motion is just as beautiful. 

Yes! Christina Yates, The One that got away, actually got away with a mystery yet to unfold. Meanwhile on the train to work, I saw Chloe flawlessly sitting five seats away. I walked up to her  and I sat beside her. Suddenly, the air was cold and so was I. The silence in the train was threatening for what felt like forever. “How do I even begin?”  I thought to myself. Then she spoke:

Chloe:  You didn’t call!
Me:  I couldn’t
Chloe:  I know. I forgot too.
Me:  So did I…
We both looked away timidly. I look through the window and I could see these green beautiful trees on both sides of the train waving past with haste in no particular order but I could tell that It was urging me to continue the conversation. 
Me: Can I have your number now?
She takes my hand, grabs the pen in the middle of the book  she was reading and writes down her number on my palm.  
Chloe: This way you won’t forget.
She smiled mischievously and I just smiled. I take her hand, I grabbed my phone from my right pocket and place it in hers:
Me: This way I’d remember.
She could not stop smiling. I was feeling  motivated so I looked around the train and I saw a guy in his teens holding a guitar and an elderly woman carrying a bouquet of flowers. I looked back at Chloe and said
“Let’s have the date that we never had”.
“Right Now?” She asked
She surprisingly agreed. I guess her curiosity peaked as she was partially intrigued as to how I would pull it off. Honestly, I wasn’t too sure myself. I was ready to act when I heard a voice from above,
“This is London Waterloo Station, Alight here for….”
“Oh Sh#t, that’s my stop” She whispered
She quickly planted her lips on my cheeks and went through the doors as she waved goodbye. First of all, I could not even believe the events that just transpired. I needed time to process. As I turn my head, I notice her book titled “The Last Straw” on the seat beside me. I ran to the nearest window and yelled at her:
“You left your book!” 
I could swear her lips mouthed the words: “Did I?”

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6 thoughts on “Train-ing II: Love In Motion

  1. Martini Zurich says:

    You are exactly right. It was out of character for her. I seriously considered it but i decided to let it be. Read the final chapter, maybe it will all make sense. Thanks for reading.


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