Heads Down:- See Something, Say Something

I know what you are thinking. No, This is not about trains, but it is about safety. Every single individual that I know owns a cellphone. We are truly becoming a global village but how can you truly see when your heads are all down?
All around the world, the dominoes are falling, everyone is staring at one screen or the other. The heroes are those that barely leave the house and the new outcasts are those brave enough to talk in person. Maybe Ben was right, we might all still be babies.

“If you keep looking down, your future will walk right past you and you wouldn’t even notice.”

“What am I thinking?”
Its not all bad. Some of those watchers are writing the next line of code that will shape the entire next generation and others are writing the next book that will shock the world. There are other advantages such as a live feed of unfortunate disasters, instant coverage of accidents, live news report, credible crime-solving evidence; a stronger and more aware social community. Someway, somehow, while all heads are down, the world is still watching.
In conclusion, the world is changing. There’s really no wrong social attitude just the right amount. Unless it’s really important, please resist the urge to look down and instead look unto the world and the people close to you.  So Heads Up; Eyes Right and Stand guard. 
Stay safe and stay smart besides It’s called a Smartphone right?


  1. Agree! I wrote a post regarding cell phone addiction I call it “the cyber coma”. As you wrote when I go out for a walk a leave my phone at home so I can enjoy the World. And still I reach for my empty pocket numerous times to realise I’ve lost ptecious times of admiring the beautiful nature…

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  2. I think things will get better after gettig worse. It always happens like that. It’s good to bring things up like that once in a while to help us remember. We just get too consumed sometimes. Good easy reading.

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