The Golden Jubilee? (Ask Me Anything)

Hi Everyone, My name is Martini Zurich.

Thanks to you all, I have a total of 50 subscribers. In light of this, I want to use this opportunity to say to “Thank you”. I also want to get to know you. Writings on a wall (Blog name) is my platform to tell heart-breaking love stories like:

Love: A Pyramid of Tears (Part 1 – 3)

De ja vu (Part 1 – 2) 

I rank my favorite TV shows @List of Gomorrah and display my likes @The Wall. I also write horror stories, hit articles and ground-breaking poems such as:

Fear: Enough is Enough (Part 1 – 2)

We may still be babies

Casual: What are we?

This is a different kind of blog from three unique perspectives. Please whenever you are free, take your time, explore and read all stories because every single content is worth it. Once again,  Thank you. Shout-out to my co-authors @bennydudie and @phransispurpose.

P.s: As a group, what would you like to be called? I suggest #Wallers

So dear readers, Ask me any question you want and I will try to answer it (comment section). 




  1. Hi 👋, Relatively, I’m still a little bit new myself but one thing I have noticed is that your content must be really good. Quality content always trumps! Also, Keep the content length short and sweet unless you really have more to ask. Thanks for asking.


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