Alesha Dixon: A Brilliant Stranger!

Who is Alesha Dixon?

Earlier this evening, I attended an event “An Audience with Alesha Dixon”. Judging from the posters all around campus, I deduced it was someone important. I decided to go as I have always wanted to attend at least one of these. Upon arrival, I met a long queue and instantly I knew I was in the right place. I quickly joined the line. Fifteen minutes went by and I had barely moved. I was about to call it quits when suddenly, the line went by faster than a CD player on rewind. I approached the doors of the great Lawley Lecture Theatre, I swiped my ID card and went in. The hall was packed, the lights were lit and the security were set. As I walked to my seat, I pondered, “Who is Alesha Dixon?”   

After every student was seated, announcements and introductions were made and Alesha walked in to a shy applause from the students. The Interview began. It was direct yet riveting. Few minutes went by and the interviewer asked an important question:

“Alesha…How do you deal with ageism and sexism?…” 

“…with anything in life that’s thrown at you, you’ve got two choices, you run away…or you face it…and you move forward” she responded elegantly.

Alesha went on to talk about music, Mis-teeq, her dysfunctional family, rejections, race, social media and lots more. She even made us laugh, all while sipping a glass of wine. She was calm, collected  and comfortable. She also answered several questions from students, 

“How did you handle transitioning from a famous girl group to being a solo artist” a student asked.

“It’s like a marriage has ended…actually two marriages has ended in my life”, she joked. 

She went on to advise the students: “No’s are okay, let it motivate you…..You can’t run away from your own truth….There’s no better version of you than you…..Don’t ever dumb down that voice you have inside your head….just act now”


“Success for me is becoming the best version of yourself…..Confidence to me is being comfortable in your own skin, accepting who you are and accepting what life is….” She went on.

On the other hot seat, the KU-talented Interviewer was very professional, prepared, friendly and even funny. She asked and coordinated the student’s questions diligently. 

Sadly, it was time for our esteemed guest to leave and in a space of almost ninety minutes, the students have  now developed a connection with Alesha. They showed their appreciation by a series of resounding applause as the accomplished stranger walked off the stage. Personally, I came to witness her beauty, I went home stunned by her brilliance. So who is Alesha Dixon? I don’t need to tell you because she knows who she is.

A huge thanks to Alesha Dixon and Kingston’s University Careers Service @KUTalent for putting this together. One of the many events they organise. This is simply an experience that I will cherish forever. More grease to your elbows. 



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