100% Thank you (#Mini-Me)

I only wanted ten and now I’m blessed with one hundred readers. Thank you all.

I devote so much time and effort into my writings. I try to bring you into my stories and show you my thoughts. On my very first post, I made you all a promise and now I will make another one. I promise you more love stories, more amazing articles, more poems, more everything. Thank you for the likes. Thank you for the comments. Thank you for the views. You have no idea how much this means to me. Shout-out to my co-authors @bennydudie and @phransispurpose.

The wall is getting bigger. More writings are coming, such as:

1. More Intriguing Stories:

The Cure for Shyness

The Devil’s Hour

Like Dominoes: Scatter and Rebuild


2. New Official Accounts on your favorite social media platforms. Read and see every story and poster first. Please follow:

Facebook: @Writings on a Wall

Instagram: @writings_on_a_wall

Twitter: @Writings_Wall


3. The List of Gomorrah will be extended to seventy tv shows in the next update.


 4. Catch up on some greatest hits:
a. Puppets and Strings (Part 1)

b. Train-ing: Love Potion (Part 1-3)

c. Hey Tomorro


5. The MiniMe Challenge: Use the #MiniMe and #WritingsonaWall. Describe yourself or tell me a story with just 10 words right here on wordpress or any other social media.


Thank you.




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