Like Dominoes – Scatter and Rebuild

Have you ever witnessed the earth quake beneath your feet? The walls shiver and crack? The ceiling shatter like glass raining down pieces like an in-house rain?

Well this is my story. It was 3:15pm, the sun was at its peak, and the whole house was intensely hot. I hadn’t paid my light bills so no air condition for me, no television, no nothing!

Things were going downhill for me. All morning I had been out working to pay the bills, but 3pm went the clock and my shift was thankfully over. It was 3:10pm and I was already within my neighborhood all drenched from head to toe in sweat, I just couldn’t afford to spend any penny taking a bus. Finally I got home, reached in for my phone and it was 3:15.

“Ooh I better get some rest before my next shift”, I said as I headed on into the bedroom after a quick lunch and off I was like a baby in the arms of his mother…

“Why is it so dusty”, I exclaimed as I woke up choking, I reached out for my phone and it was already 5:20pm.

“Oh no I’m going to be late…”

By this time I just realized that the entire bed was filled with dust and debris and I hadn’t noticed before but something was raining down. I could barely see the ceiling even with my torch on. Whatever was falling got into my eyes in my attempt to investigate, although I did remember seeing the ceiling with so many cracks it seemed like it was about to… Then there it was; a loud ‘crash’ beside my bed. I sprang up and out of the bed terrified and glued the wall; that’s when I realized that all this while the whole place had been in an uproar. I could feel the walls shiver behind my back, despite the dusty air that filled my room I could still make out a large hole in the ceiling. My legs could no longer carry me, it was like the house was tearing itself apart, and I dashed out like a baby antelope, staggering until I got out the front door. That’s when I realized this was happening everywhere, I was certain the end had come, I asked myself

“Could I have slept through all this? Which means the alarm didn’t wake me?”

Then there it was again, another clamor beneath the ground, houses toppled like dominoes, one falling on another while some other houses imploding bits by bits, crumbling till all that was left was a pile of rubbish. I was lost in the rush of Adrenalin when in a split second I was shoved off my feet. I hit my head on the paved walkway and lights out, I was out cold. I awoke again to find out all this was not a dream and somehow everything had stopped, but the damage had been dealt, then a question hit me

“How did a guy knocked out cold on the floor survive through this?”
I reached in for my phone as it was getting darker and it was nowhere,

“Oh I think I left it in the house!”
Turning around to what used to be my neighborhood just to see a silhouette of crumbled houses. Nothing was left standing…

Yes it was an earthquake. Somehow I did survive through, call it a miracle. We all began from scratch to build our lives back. Be grateful, if not for anything but because you’re alive!

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