The Rebirth

Call it a dream…Call it a nightmare…Call it anything but this was too real

It was only a few days since the earthquake that left us all in shambles trying to pick our lives back up again. You see things were pretty hard before so right now suicide felt like the only option. Heck I didn’t even have a roof over my head or a bed to lay on, I had nothing to my name apart from the same clothes I had been wearing since that gruesome day.

I couldn’t return to work these past few days so I got fired from both places. I tried going to explain but I was told “there’s nothing we can do, we are sorry! But someone else has already taken the spot”

I became agitated. I became a refugee because you see whereas others had someone or somewhere to run to after all this happened, a few of us were left to wander like hobos without even spare clothes to change into.

I sure gave up. I had already laid down in the center of a busy road late in the night hoping the cold would liberate me and if that wasn’t going to be enough I probably should be run over by a car or something. I waited and waited but nothing. I wasn’t feeling anything, I took my shirt off to make the situation worse but still nothing changed for some reason. Tonight wasn’t going to be frosty. That didn’t put my hopes down I still had plan B. I laid down there waiting until I slept off.

I awoke at the sound of a brake pad struggling to halt and a blinding headlamp pointed in my direction. I thought to myself ‘I guess this is the long awaited moment’. I closed my eyes to embrace the after-life. I waited to feel the sharp exit but nothing happened. I opened my eyes to see if probably I was already gone but instead I saw blurry shadows of people conversing around me. One second I thought ‘maybe I didn’t make heaven?’

I got on my feet while still trying to rub the blur off my eyes to see clearly, only to annoyingly find out I was still alive. Before I could even make another move, I was roughly strapped to a stretcher and in just a blink rolled into a van which drove off like a kidnap car. I looked around inside the van and all I could hear was

“Can you see me? are you feeling any pain?, can you see this?…”

Feeling irritated I exclaimed ‘of course I can see you and yes the only pain I feel now is loss and regret… why didn’t you just leave me there to die!’. They simply ignored my comments and kept on fiddling around my body checking probably if I was sane. Finally the van stopped and I was rolled into a hospitalA few days later I stepped out of that hospital on my feet ready to tackle the challenges life had brought to me.

‘Heck, when life gives you lemons, squeeze the juice out of it and pour yourself a drink’.





  1. And stop looking back. Nothing’s running back at you.

    So, As long as your inner strength still lyes in you, there’s a reason to get up! If you lost everything, there’s greater things for you to come. Remember: everything happens for a strong reason. Moreover, remember this one: the strongest of people is the one that has nothing to lose.

    You will rise and you will be grateful for this event. Those jobs were definitely not for you if you lost them. Search deep inside your heart and mind and realize what you would LIKE doing. Then follow that 😊

    Be safe and be strong!


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  2. That was an impacting read, I wish you the best in rebuilding your life, know that you are supported by the energy of life, what and who you need will come to you so keep hopeful, and stay strong.

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  3. I’ve been trying to decide whether this was a real happening or a good piece of writing while imagining how it would feel if you wore the shoes of another. Either way, I enjoyed this and I’m glad it turned out well. All the very best to you.

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