The Cure for Shyness

How do I explain the answer to the most difficult question in my life?

Think of the most shy person you know. Got it? Now magnify their shyness by a thousand. That was me. I was so shy that I could barely speak and the worst part is that I had a lot to say. 

How can I explain that all those years, all these times, I have had the solution to my problem? You wonder why I write so good? You wonder I write so different? It’s not a skill, it’s not even a talent. It is a necessity. Everything I have done, every story, every poem, every article, every video, they have all been my way of trying to communicate with the people around me. They have all been pieces of my heart. But now, after twenty years, I have finally found a way to express myself. After two decades, I can finally open my mouth and speak to people that I care about, face to face.

How do I tell you that what’s holding me back….that what held me back….was me? You want to know the cure for my shyness? You want to know the answer? Pay attention! I’m only going to say this once. There is no such thing as a cure for shyness. There is no rule. There are no should’s and shouldn’t s. It is a choice. Do you want to be shy or not?

Here’s my diagnosis. I was shy because people told me that I was shy. No more! I was also shy because I was afraid of what people would think of what I had to say. But how do I know what they are thinking ? Can I read minds? My fear was built on assumptions. I simply stopped making them.

You want to be bold? ….. Be bold!

You want to talk to your crush? ….. Talk!

You want to conquer the world? …….. Conquer!

You want to be shy no more? …………………. Then dont!

There’s no one and nothing standing in your way. There’s only you. 

It’s taken a long time for me to get where I’m at. A lot of failures, a little success. A lot of pain, so much tears and even more regrets. But all I can tell you in three simple words is “Just. Be. You.” Every quirk, every mistake, every flaw you think you have, they all make you who you are. I never truly understood until today. It’s more than a catchy-phrase, It is reality.

Now the question is, How do you define yourself? Think about it. Refine it. Say it out loud. Live it. You really can be whoever you want to be. If you are probably thinking, “its easier said than done”. Then stop thinking.

Personally, I am free. I am sound. I am Invincible, Who the hell are you?




  1. Let’s forget about society for a second. All that matters right now is you. What do you want? Think about why it’s not so simple. Really think about it. Does your reason really make sense or is it just one excuse after the other. Anyway, I am solely speaking from my own experience.

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