The Labyrinth of Choices and Reality


Some things are better left unsaid

The stories should be buried

The experience erased but …

It’s easier said than done

How do you bury the monsters beneath your bed?

How do you erase the blood stained carpet?

It’s like a scar, it can be stitched up

It can be forgotten

But it cannot be masked!

It cannot be rewritten!

26th November 2003

I still remember like it was yesterday

That cool Wednesday morning

I woke up, the sun waved at me through the curtains

the wind echoed my name as it blew past

the birds sung me into breakfast

‘What a splendid day’

I said as I danced in for a shower

That’s when the clouds became gloomy

The commentators were all lost in a vacuum

Silence filled the stadium

The tiled floors fouled me

But no referee to give him suspension

Humpty came crashing down

My head shattered the tiles on the wall

Like the game of baseball

I was the bat

We scored a home-run

Then the audience should have screamed

But I was alone that day

Even the walls turned their backs on me

I fell to the ground

I saw an ocean of blood all over

Drenched in it like this was the shower

I closed my eyes an imagined what would be after

I woke up

It was blurry but I could see clearly

I was at the office editing a minute

Then a man walked in

There was silence like a graveyard

I asked him ‘what’s going on’

“you’re moving on” he said

I got up and walked out the door

Then, I fell into a really big stadium

The crowd were cheering

I stood in awe then I turned around and saw

I was the prey

There was the predator

They charged at me

I looked at the sun for help

He was all suited up without a smile on his face

I listened to the winds

They chocked me with piercing stings

I looked at the death in top speed coming at me

What would the outcome be

I was cornered with nowhere to run

Looking back for a possible solution

I was raptured

The lawns, lush and green

The wind softly kissed my cheek

The trees served me like a king

The animals roamed free

I exhaled “what a relief”

Then…everywhere was lit up

Smoke so thick you could cut through it

Groaning, screaming, shouting

There was no escape

The fire was devastating

I was burning to ashes bit by bit

The excruciating pain

I was at the table dining with bitter anguish

He served me a crown on a plate

And vinegar with a spear

He took me to the ends of the earth

He nailed me to the old rugged cross

I opened my eyes again

Skulls and bones everywhere

I was in a pool filled with the blood of anguish

I bowed my head

‘what is this labyrinth’

I was all out of strength

This bull wrangled

My legs anchored

My hands bound

My head roughly stationed

There I cried

There I died

I got up coughing

For the first time people began rejoicing

Yes I was in a hospital

And even the doctor was reminiscing

I laid back down ‘I’m alright’

I was discharged but my head still hurt

I arrived home

The mole back in its hole

I stepped in and it was all erased

The broken tiles, the bloody floor

All replaced

This time it wasn’t a trance

My head still hurt

The scar all bandaged up

I still feel the pain

Those pictures haunt me

The unsure experience

Death and life

Fear and hope

Believe it or not the earth is bound

By constricting ropes

Certain dos and don’ts

Believe it or not we are bound

By looping laws

An ocean of choices

Run, dribble, lob, shoot

That’s the price

Shake and roll the die

But don’t bury the smile!

Don’t bury the message!





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