400: Test of Fate

This is for the brave hearts. This is for the loyal lovers. This is for the true believers. This is for you. Thank you. Four hundred followers? Do you believe in fate? Let’s do something different. 


Challenge 1:

Give me one random word. I will write an amazing story with the first 40 words. (Time Up)


Challenge 2:

After reading the story, you also get a chance to name the post. The best title will be selected. (Active)


Challenge 3:

I hope you have been enjoying my stories. Don’t miss the last one by yours truly, Martini Zurich. This Friday. The Grand Finale. The Last Straw.


Challenge 4: All other challenges are still active

50: The Golden Jubilee? (#Ask-Me-Anything)

100% Thank you (#Mini-Me)

Tea or Coffee? #200 Followers

This is Sparta! #300 Followers







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