The Uncertain Certainty

This is how it all started. You see, I love the thrill of adventure, so it tends to drive me to an odd little corner. Rather than take the bus, I’ll walk. Rather than take a cab, I’ll take the train. Today, I was home.

As usual, the sun was up, exhaling violent rays on my bed. The alarm clock kept dancing and singing until I finally gave in to its rhythmic compulsion and walked in for a shower. It was a good day, despite my suspicions. Today we pitched and scored a home run, and the floors massaged the heels of my foot. I stepped out the shower with an army of steam charging onward – dissipating upon the sun’s stern look at them, I laughed. “This was the auditorium – they were just singing my anthem”.

Anyways, the band was playing on my old stereo set. I went into the kitchen and caught the bread already dressed and waiting; looking at me. It sprang up and out and unto my plate. With another hand, I reached in for my coffee as it kept smiling sheepishly at me.

“What a beautiful day” I exhaled.

Just then I remembered the other day – her picture crawling right back up my face. I ran into the laundry searching my pocket like I was looking for money — then I found it, the paper with her number written on it. There was a text scribbled behind which read, 

“call me…Jones”

I remember the day I met her. I was almost late that day. I literally ran into the train station like a criminal escaping the cops, flying down the staircases and almost knocking an old lady off her feet, just so I could make the train. 

I made my valedictorian walk back to the sofa as I picked up my phone and dialled her number — waiting like the predator for its prey, my heart creeping up my throat. For some reason my eyes were drowsy like it was drunk,

“hello, who is this” – from the other end of the phone,

At this point I was lost in a dark room in my head, blank and confused not even able to utter my name.

“hello” she repeated

I struggled, then I finally just blurted it out,

hey, hey its phransis!’ I replied, with my tongue almost jumping outside the window.

I was frozen ice-solid. I knew I had to man up but I couldn’t. Even my coffee was ashamed of me; he left me for my trousers as I tried taking another sip.

“phransis! hey – how are you!” she kept on repeating,

Finally finding some courage through the misty darkness of insecurity, I replied,

”Oh I’m alright, was just having my coffee when I remembered your note”

Holding my breath all that while, I covered my face with a pillow and exhaled like a hippo.

“what note?”  she asked,

Hearing the question, my heart jumped from its seat again but this time it played the harp with my rib cage.

‘the one you left on your seat the other day’ I replied

“oh! that wasn’t for you…” she replied,

My tongue clove to the roof of my mouth, my hands in dispute with my head for conjuring up this ridiculous idea, my head all lost in the clouds trying to pull itself back together – it was a nuclear reaction and I was right in the nucleus of the explosion.

“hey I’m really sorry,” she said,

“there’s no problem” I simmered out

“Anyways it was really nice to meet you,” she said

“the feeling is mutual”, I quickly replied – trying to put up a brick wall against the fiery darts from this conversation.

—she ends the call, leaving me in awe—

What in the world was I thinking, here I sat a few minutes ago – enjoying this fantasy like morning – and now, the clouds of regret are over me, pouring down its rains of self-pity and anger. The thunders of foolishness hammering in and afterwards its lightning fists of downright agony. There I sat ruminating this past few minutes when a call came in. Drenched from the waters of bitterness, I tossed the phone away. Then  I heard an automated voice say,

“Jones calling…Jones calling…”

A streak of light at the top of this storm cloud appeared. I gave it another thought before picking it up or answering,

‘hey it’s you again!’

I said in an obviously sarcastic tone,

“I was kidding,” she said,

I took the phone off my ears and gave the name another look before replying,

‘about what exactly?’

“I do hope I didn’t piss you off,” she said,

My ears went numb in disbelief.

“Hey, I’m Jones, nice to meet you” she continued,

From the wells mixed with suspicion and child-like anticipation, I drew these waters,

‘I’m phransis, nice to meet you – again!’

“Would you be free today? there’s this movie I wanted to see” she asked

I looked around my house and it was a madhouse. Saturday was my cleaning day after the week’s horrific stress,

‘nothing too serious’ I replied

“I’ll meet you at the movies, 2pm okay?” she said

Still lost in the irony of the situation, I calmly replied,

‘it’s perfect, I’ll pick you up maybe?’

“ooh there’s no need, will meet you there!” she interrupted

—then she ends the call—

I was right in the middle of calling it another unreality or walking right into the ironical certainty, I decided to take the chance. I finished up breakfast and went back to the bedroom, ruminating the past few minutes. I got so lost on the screen of endless possibilities glaring at me without switching to change the channel.

I reached in again for my phone and it was 1pm
‘what! Already?’ I exclaimed as I rushed in for a shower – I sure wasn’t going to be late for this showdown, if this eventually happened to be genuine and not another prank!






  1. Really enjoying your stories! Unexpected and yet each familiar in it’s own way. And great titles too! Looking forward to reading all that’s to come.


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