Sherj: Love is in the air

You barely spoke

I barely understood

We went to war

Yet somehow, the price was you

You miss me when I’m not there

You won’t say hi when I’m around

How was I supposed to guess when you wanted a kiss?


“Oh! I spoke some words, how could you not know?”


You mean the insults you yelled?

How could I have known?

To me, your body said yes but your lips forgot


When you are in your room alone,

Do you feel it still?

The leaps your heart makes whenever we talk.

Or the missing time your mind takes whenever we don’t.

Do you miss it too?


“How could I not?”


Since I have been away, time joined the war,

My heart got bigger and so did yours.

Oh! I wish for a day; the day I return

So I can tell you a tale that have never been told.”


“Promises! Promises! Is that all you got?”


Please tell me,

What can I do that have never been done?

If I do,

Will the spark of our love, reignite or be gone?


“Once, we stepped into a room and so did love

Now, I step into the room and you do not”


Loud and clear, at least I can hear you now

Sexy, Simple, Sensational Sherj!

Love is in the air. Happy birthday to you,

Love is in the air. Where in the world are you?


Merry Christmas Everyone…








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