P.s: I love you

Hey, how are you?

Yes, I am talking to you. Don’t be alarmed. Let’s be real. Just for a moment. I want to share a secret with you. I have been through a lot his year and I know you have too. I told you how I felt and I’m so happy you listened. 

Thank you.

If you are reading this, I have one more thing to tell you before the year is over. Yes! It is a season of Joy. A time for Santa and Stockings. A time for eggnog and sweaters but it is also a season of fights. When you are quarrelling with your friend or family this festive season, don’t hold back. Shout at them, yell your best and most creative insults yet. It is therapeutic. But there is one rule, you are not allowed to hit them. Trust me, words are enough. Towards, the end of your intense argument, that moment when you are both walking away. Stop! Turn back and say these exact words to them,

“Hey, P.S: I Love you”

One of two things will happen after you say this. One, they will not reply and just keep walking OR they will chase you down in full anger. If you are lucky, both will happen. Regardless, (after the silence or beat down), they will say something in the lines of, 

“P.S: I Love you too”





  1. You might want to circle around the Balkans with that verbal fighting. They have perfected the art of verbally insulting someone. 😀 And they are not afraid of using anything while cursing.


  2. Well, a common phrase when two friends meet is to greet one another with a cuss. They would say “Where have you been, f*** your mother?” When they want to insult, they would often describe a haunting picture of something horrendous. For example, one would wish to his enemy many children… born by his blood daughter, or wish the enemy a happy life in a madhouse. Decimation of his bloodline to the very roots some sprung from is also a common cuss. Mentioning lacerations, incest, decapitation, rotting and other vile forms of destructive behavior is what one might expect in a verbal fight. 😀 Interesting people. I could give you some very descriptive insults if you can stomach it.


  3. These are not the half of their capabilities. The Slavic parts of the Balkan are so much more that people have expected. I have some cultural post on my blog if you are interested in the people living in this part of the world. 😀 Merry Christmas and take care. 😀

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