The Love Writer

Mask Off. Eyes Front. This is the story you have been waiting for.

Hi, My real name is Martins. In high-school, I was the high school sweet heart. It was very bitter-sweet. Bitter because I had no sweetheart. There were no letters in my locker and my admirers were really good at keeping secrets.

Can I tell you a secret? I was really high in high school; top of my class but I was cool too. My uniform was fitting and my hair was never brushed. I was really outstanding. I stood outside for hours once, waiting for a crush. Of course I had crushes. They were so many; maybe seven, Why do you think my heart is crushed?

Here I was, In the den of mistakes, about to make one myself. Rain fell. She stood me up. She never showed. My bad! Her loss! My very first mistake.

That was then. Now, I am stuck. Between my amazing smile and my busy schedule, I no longer have time for the one thing that I love which is Love. Requests denied, the Bank is closed, My sweet heart is out of stock.

Why am I telling you this? I may be a writer of love but the words I intend to write next are now devoid of love. How can I write about what I have not yet experienced? Or can I? Please help me understand. Love without action is pointless. This is why I write. So that you may learn from my mistakes. So that you may stand where I stood. May the rain wash your tears and the night hide your fears just like they did mine. I made a new friend today and Iā€™m so happy I have you too. Welcome to Writings on a Wall. Welcome to my blog…








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