I love dogs. As a Nigerian, that is a strange phrase to utter.

In Greek mythology, Cerberus is a three-headed beast (Do not google it). For a beast that guards the gates of the underworld, they are not so bad. Call it an epiphany but I finally understand. I get why people love dogs. They are exceptional. 

One day, I’ll get a dog or maybe three. Yes, I know! three dogs! Three separate dogs with three separate heads. I’ll name two of them, Cerium and beryllium.  My favourite one will named Russel. I’ll call him Rus for short. When he’s older, I’ll call him Rusty. Perfect right? They will behave in complete unison. Together, they are Cerberus. Alone, they are unstoppable. The Hounds of Hades will be very cute.

Dear reader, tell me something interesting about your dog(s)?





  1. These are the dreams we should have. 😂🎈
    I have two dogs. There’s Benzo, who’s now three years old and there’s Billo, who’s now almost four. They’re my life. Billo will always be my first girl child. And Benzo my first boy. They’re amazing! ❤

    You could name your second one Rebel. It might not go with the chemistry but it will surely complete CeR’e’beRus. 😂


  2. My dogs eat a lot 🤣…which means they definitely have the tendency to leave poo all over the place 🤦‍♀️…But now we just feed them in the afternoon and night so that by morning after clearing the morning poo(the previous afternoon and night food)that’s all for the day😅….but they’re great dogs….I’ve leaved with dogs all my life,I don’t think I’d want it otherwise.I feel more secure when they’re around….like protectors 😊


  3. That is very interesting. Great plan though. That’s the word I was looking for, protectors. The dog I met made me feel safe. I love dogs , both their advantages and disadvantages (poo). Thanks for sharing

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