He Loves me, He loves me not

I stare into his eyes, while smiling on the outside and thinking two things within, “I love him. He loves me not.”

Imagine you walk into a room for the first time and you immediately notice a guy. To you, he looks good, he dressed well, he checked all the boxes in your imaginary list. Suddenly, you feel like you love him. Brilliant! So what do you do next?

Nothing right?

Do you stand there and hope he magically notices you? What if he doesn’t? Or better yet, what if he does? Why not go to him and say something? Let him at least see you.

No! This doesn’t make you “easy to get”. It makes you “harder to forget”.

Now Imagine I am that guy. I saw you enter the room but I quickly looked away. I did not say a word because, just like you, I am afraid of rejections. At what point do we stop waiting for who to speak first?
At what point do we stop changing the rules and instead, start playing the same game?

Do you ever notice people or have friends that you know they both love each other but neither of them wants to make the first move. Even after you advised them separately?

It’s sad. It’s heartbreaking. It is Insane.

Take your own advice. Be confident. Stop waiting for the right time. Stop with the signs and the subtleties. Stop throwing petals and playing charades. Step up and discover. I am not asking you to confess your love. I am begging you to start the conversation.

He loves me! He loves me not!
I talked to him and at the very least, now I know!


Read: She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not.




  1. Well you never stop waiting cause apparently girls only want guys that have the confidence to speak up, straight up sexism wanting you to do what even they can’t

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  2. You are right, it is complicated. But the point I am to make is that, if you develop feelings for someone, it is toxic to keep it inside and just assume. Why not try talking to them, look them in the eyes and try to find out if they feel the same. It is simply my personal opinion but I believe that at the end of the day, if they don’t like, you can start to move on and save time. Communication is critical

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  3. Love this. It’s so true a lot of us live in the what if’s and could’ve instead of just stepping up. What’s the worst that could happen? There is only two outcomes and you know them both.

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  4. It’s all a game and we are all guilty of occasionally taking ourselves too seriously.
    We need to lighten up and enjoy the game for as long as we can.
    Jump in, what’s the worst that could happen?

    Great blog 👍

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  5. Today what is right and culture rules makes one believes it’s the guys responsibility to notice u, talk, and do all that. The first i told about guy i like him, he liked me too. We didn’t date but we are best of friends now…

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