She loves me, She loves me not

I stare into her eyes, while smiling on the outside and thinking two things within, “She loves me. Does she?”

It is said that you can tell when a girl likes you. Science has some suggestions, Idiots have their theories but does it actually work? Why do we always seem to love those who doesn’t feel the same. Or do they? 

I believe every girl is different, every tell is too. However, I have seen the signs before and I have misread it each and every time. I am tired of getting it wrong. I am tired of being tired. I promise the next time, if there’s one, I will get it right. Falling petals, crunchy hearts, oh the rumors are true. Ladies, stop playing charades with people who don’t know the rules.

She loves me, She loves me not, I know how I feel. 

He loves me? He loves me not? I wonder how she feels…

Read: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not




  1. Love can be like a guessing game but that’s only the start.
    If you really feel that you love the person whole heartedly then you would have the courage to ask if she feels the same way too.
    Girls are complicated as everyone says, but when you capture their hearts, you will understand their deepest feelings.

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