The Blame Game

Friends are few. The good ones are hard to find. The bad ones will surely find you. Hailey was neither good nor bad but she was a friend; my new best friend.

Sixteen hours ago, I marched to Hailey’s house. I was upset. I was furious. We’ve been through a lot together. How could she betray me? She knew today was important to me.

I knocked on her front door twice and yet no one answered. I took a step back and kicked open the door.

“Hailey! Where are you? We need to talk!”

As I walked past the kitchen, I saw Hailey pacing back and forth. She looked troubled.

“Hey! Hailey! What’s wrong?” I asked

“I can’t do it Martins! I cannot do it” She whispered

As I tried to figure out the situation, Hailey walked to the nearest cabinet and grabbed a cup.

“Do you want some tea?” She asked

Unbelievable. How could she be thinking of a beverage at a time like this.

“No sugar please” I replied

As I sat down on the kitchen chair, she sat on the opposite chair. She handed me the tea and some crackers. She knew me so well. However, It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Hailey this sad. I had to use the blame game. I quickly gulped down the last of the tea as I turned to speak:

“Okay! Let’s play our game. Do you still remember it?

Hailey looked at me with a blank sarcastic stare. She tightened her already folded fists as she started to speak,

“Of course I do…..sever sever, never never, I feel sad and I blame mum.”

“Hailey, what are you talking about?” I asked

Hailey walked to the fridge and pointed at a box of chocolates.

“They were seven. Now it’s six”

“What does that have to do with anything?” I asked

“There’s only one person that could have eaten it. That’s my mum. We both know she traveled and the only way she’d be home today is to surprise me. They are all hiding in the living room. I can feel it. How can I act surprised now?”

Hailey was brilliant. Everyone could see this except her. Maybe she saw it too but chose to close her eyes. She’d figured all this out from a missing chocolate; Impressive.

“Of course you can” I replied

“Fake it like you are the star actress in a soap opera. Let’s go, I’ll even walk with you” I continued

Hailey smiled. Instantly, I knew she was okay because she finally unclenched her fists.

Hailey walked into the living room and I followed behind. As she opened the door, everyone screamed “surprise”.
Hailey acted surprised. She played the role perfectly. Hailey was right. Everyone was there. Her mum, her sister, her other best friend and even her dad.

“Look mum, Martins is here.” Said Hailey

“I know. I called him. The party was his idea” her mum replied as she handed me a glass of wine.

Hailey turned around to look at me. She was shocked. This was my moment. I quickly decided to make a toast:

“To my new best friend, I’m so lucky to be part of your life. You are the sugar to my tea. You make everything a little bit better.
Sever…Sever, Never…Never, I am so grateful to have you as a friend. I’ll always walk with you Hailey. Happy birthday”

The End.

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