Parable of Change

If there is anything that’s bound to occur no matter the place or the time is change! A product of the addition or subtraction of certain pivotal events.

Intercourse adds up to pregnancy. Pregnancy adds up to conception and then a fresh new book is opened. A new life begins. From that moment onward, other events add to and subtract from other events climaxing at the epicenter of this book. Days added to days, months added to months, years added to years and the Youth phase begins.

GROWTH is the term for this aspect of change. An involuntary phenomenon that’s goes up but never ever comes down, despite your opinion.

Soon enough this physical growth phase assumes a climax and becomes more and more ignored. Together with the approach to this climax is also a change in perception, a change in taste, in ideology, in basically everything. A voluntary phenomenon called Mental Development.

“. . . I’m no longer a child so . . .”

This is the structure of phrase that lingers around at such a time. Nevertheless, Change is a catalyst to the eventuality of the occurrence of the future.
Now take a look at this, if you never did Change from a one year old luggage of cuteness and tears into a 5 year old sac of mischief and problems, on and on till you are where you are now, then the world will certainly be full of centimeter tall adults.

The occurrence of the Future is strengthened and accelerated by a catalyst – Change!

Now you have more than a decade of years in your portfolio and you realize from all that experience that the world was never some cookie jar left on a dwarf table – as you once had thought. No, now you realize the truth, the world is a reinforced pickle jar kept on the top shelf.

What’s on the plate now is what you decide to put on it. You aren’t going to be served no more. Now, you do the shopping, the preparation, the serving, the eating and then the tedious task of cleaning your own mess.

The eventuality of the future, the future you want to see has been placed in you palms. A term you know well as Responsibility.

In the aspect of change that is physical and mental, every single need accompanying them might have been met in full by someone else, maybe a parent or friend. Now, take a good look at the mirror and realize.

You’re now the one to meet those needs and the many more needs that tag along Change. So buckle up, hold a firm grip on the steering wheels and fire up the engine. It might be a bumpy ride but one thing is certain. From here on out, Change becomes what you want to see.

“When life gives you ear freezing winter, make a snow ball, make a snow angel”

Have fun doing the Change you want to see!


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