Can You DREAM???

Come to think of it. We somehow and sometimes end up in dark scary nights. No matter how unbelievably confusing it gets, it’s always like literally passing a night in an uncomfortable place. We can either be pessimistic and conclude that the only road is the flip side to life. On the other hand, we can be daring and not to forget, insanely optimistic – we’d still have a hope much like that aroma of lushness beyond the white winter.

‘The light at the end of the tunnel.’

At points in our individual lives, we carry the burden of these dark cloudy nights. The hurdles, challenges and risks. But through the times, this question stands.

Can You DREAM?

Think of it as seeing the fickle rays of the setting sun illuminating the horizon just as beautifully as the rising sun would reveal the same spectacle. It is believing in the possibility of positivity in a situation, even though what is immediate stands like an impromptu tsunami, washing away every building block you had set in motion.

When your days turn into starless nights
and your sunny mornings are veiled by rain clouds,
what do you do?


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