Beauty and the Constellation

Individual members of the galaxy
Brightening our night sky so we can see!

Even the stars high up in the sky,
They all realize
Their goals are collective
Their place and function irrespective
To brighten the dark abyss
All of them giant balls of fierce gas

The constellation is her name
Beauty is her game
She makes no night the same
A spectacular sight to behold
No matter where you are in the world
All of this is true for her

But how about us?
We humans that prefer to hide and survive
Rather than shine and live our lives
Take a good look at her and learn
From her beauty and charisma
Her ability to work together
Irrespective of her position or function
Or her ability to cause maniacal devastation
Take a good look at her and learn
And you’ll see the truth you’re not so far from.

The constellation is her name
Beauty is her game
Lighting up our ignorance
So we can see the truth

For instance,
We all are balls of luminous gas
But with a choice
We could burn individually and cover a minute radius
Or we could burn collectively and consume an entire generation
We could make our beauty a global phenomenon
Or remain within our homes,
Grounded like garden gnomes.

The constellation is her name
Beauty is her game
When we finally understand this,
And come together in peace and understanding,
Then we would create galactic murals
And with that, stun the world

Africa, Asia, the North and South America
Europe, Australia and not to forget, Antarctica
A united front,
An understanding stand point
Irrespective of our position and luminous intensity,

We all are different colors
Each with a function
Designed to play a role
And the earth is our wall,
Designed like a canvas to accommodate every one
So all said and not yet done,
Let’s create a giant masterpiece

With all our individual differences
We are like the constellation
And beauty is what we are here to be!

A United Front
An Understanding World


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