To my 2019 Valentine:

Babe, Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday. It’s not my fault that I will be at work. 

In the evening, Of course, we can stroll. Just you and I, holding hands, Just as lovers on a budget do. I hear it’s good for the environment. 

Do not even worry about the restaurant we would go to. The God that brought us together will surely take us there. Besides these nights, Romance is crowded. I’d rather stay in bed with you.

That reminds me, My love, my Netflix account just expired. I do not have enough money for flowers, It was either the super bowl tickets or you.

My dear, as the 14th gets closer, I know you will try to change my mind, You will even offer to sponsor “the going out” this year, but Please don’t! Save your money and your flesh-coloured paste, you will need it for work tomorrow 

Finally, I know you’re probably thinking “Wow, Chivalry is dead”, That may be true! but honey please try to remember that poverty is very much alive.




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