Questions to a Friend

Well here’s my question
Where do we all fit in?
Is it with the wealthy – or the poor?
Is it with the godly, with sin or are we in between?

Like strings attached to puppets manhandled
Forced – yet unknowingly being manipulated
Being tossed around without direction
People walking with their noses in the sky
Walking aimlessly through the night
Around and around – like they’ve lost their sight

All I’m asking is why?
Why are they creeping about in the gloomy meadows?
Why are they confused yet in denial of that truth?
Why are they refusing to come out from the shadows?
But inscribe their stories on tomorrow’s youth!

I ponder on the reason
Why we pose – most righteous
Yet succumb to mischief
How we live – blasphemous
Veiling our unbelief
I search, for that first thought
That began these pathless paths

I search, for the reservoir
That would surmount these fiery darts
I pray, for the solution
That would equate this improper fraction
For this world, we reside in
To be as resilient followers
Ever obedient – regardless of faction!

SPARK UP YOUR FIRE to question the very things that seem untouchable


  1. Rather than sitting back and wishing, why don’t all lovers of peace begin to make this happen?
    Orvillewrong Don’t you believe it’s possible?

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