Truth III: Fake it with me

I feel like I should be in jail just on the mere basis that words are deadly and I know words. My final words will even be written not said; it will be spoken not read. Even then, I’ll still say what’s on my mind. So, now that I have your attention, do you want to know the truth?

The truth is, when you’ve been single for as so long as I have, Valentine’s day makes you feel like your skin has pockets.

Lately, It feels like I’m losing myself. It’s sad because I never really got the chance to show off who I became. They say people reveal their true colours eventually…. but I’m blue, I’m always blue.

The truth is, I’m always disappointed by the people around me. I think they don’t really care about the things that I actually care about. To them, they are doing their best. To me, there’s no such thing as family or friends, there’s only people I am stuck with.

After six years, I think I have finally fully recovered from my first-ever terrible heartbreak. Relationships remain scary to me but now the truth is, people like me will always need something to look forward to.

Personally, I love looking towards girls that wear faces. Everywhere that I go there’s someone that I fancy. But the truth is, I can stare at Mona all day but I’m only ever going to talk to Lisa.

Here’s a thought, Maybe guys should date two or more women at a time, this way, gals won’t complain about clinginess because you are just too emotionally divided to care.

Fun fact, I recently met Dike Chukwumerije. He’s a renowned poet and a writer. I have met a Celebrity before but Alesha Dixon was not exactly in my field. The truth is, as good as Dike is, after meeting him, I now believe with all certainty that I can do better.

Currently, I am enraged by the political atmosphere in Nigeria. I actually have a plan to change things. The first step involves blending in with the system but the truth is, you can keep talking about it with them or just fake it with me

As a kid, I promised I’d never collect money from anyone. I figured that, In the future, when you ask me for something, I have to give you because you’ve already paid for my right to say No

Sometimes I consider a change of character because I feel like I’m too good and people take advantage of that. But the truth is, every time I visit a church, I think that everyone there is definitely going to hell and they don’t even know it

Now, these are not my last words but would you like to know what those are?

Well, duh, me too. 



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