Story of Flight

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to leave the ground you’re standing on? To just leap into the air and remain there, even for a moment.
Ever wondered what it would be like to look at the whole world from way up in the clouds?

If you haven’t, then you have no idea what you would see. . .

When you are that high up in the clouds, every other thing below you, the tall buildings, the massive expanses of land, they all look like a miniature board game. They all look like little pieces from a puzzle game. They all look like even a little wind can blow then away.

When you’re that high up in the clouds, you no longer imagine what it will be like to be pummeled by the voracious winds; The kind of winds that push those thick and heavy clouds.

You know what this means ?

This means that whatever you see as a challenge while your feet are still on the ground would look like a pebble once you let go of trusting your own feet for stability.
This means that whatever you’ve been forced to live with because you cannot change would look like the pieces of a puzzle that you may not have arranged properly.
This means that whatever you are fighting against and loosing would only look like pieces of a board game that can easily be pummeled and blown away.

Facing all this in your life is inevitable. Evading and successfully winning each and every one of these battles is dependent on your choice.

Where would you place your feet? On your own ground or floating in the air that’s beyond your control?

Change the game play and you’ll realize, allow yourself levitate and you’ll soon understand. When the wind lifts you, you will see clearer. It’s like seeing the path to your destination on a clear map. When the wind carries you, you’ll understand.
It’s like understanding the blueprints to the Fort-Knox. You’ll know every inch of detail, you’ll glide through every hurdle, you’ll be a King and all your challenges; your loyal subjects.

It’s a Story of Flight. When will you begin yours?


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