Heads Down:- See Something, Say Something

I know what you are thinking. No, This is not about trains, but it is about safety. Every single individual that I know owns a cellphone. We are truly becoming a global village but how can you truly see when your heads are all down? All around the world, the dominoes are falling, everyone is … Continue reading Heads Down:- See Something, Say Something


I Used to Love Love

What is Love? Love is my entire life I preach Love, I write Love, I give with Love Now, I can't breathe... This is the Last Straw Apparently, Love Hates me I used to love love, but not anymore I used to love love, One day please remind me      

Hey Tomorrow

Tomorrow can never comeEvery day brings experiences as it passesWhile the days bring good for someOthers wish for faster hour glasses Tomorrow can not be stoppedFor what is to come is by forceThe manner of waiting is what we adoptSo be happy and rejoice Wishing for better a dayFighting against the sorrow There is only one thing … Continue reading Hey Tomorrow