Never-ending Wells


The problem is simple

The solution weighty

The harvest surplus

The laborers scanty

Scurrying about to make the most of it


Over 7.5 billion in population

And more a hand full refuse to focus

On what’s more important

Be quiet and listen


Sit and reason


Be calm and relax



Like children

Digesting every bit of info

Without paying attention to detail

Drinking blindness like red wine

Spitting darkness like liquor

All this because of the ‘media’

Carrying about both chaff and grain

Spreading both loss and gain


Be sensible little children

Desist foolish arguments

Refrain from wasted time

Stop and listen

Be quiet and observe

Who are you to judge?

Who are you to condemn

Listening to faulted information

Watching propaganda

One man condemned

One man redeemed

Stop talking destruction

Let’s talk salvation!



Happy Independence day Nigeria…


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